Saenchai's Championship Secrets:

Saenchai, the #1 pound for pound Muay Thai fighter ever shares what makes him elite Authentic Muay Thai Techniques, High IQ Ring Tactics, and Secrets Training Methods

  • After fighting for 3 decades, I've fought many opponents all around the world. I've shown my moves to tens of thousands of people through seminars on every continent, but I've never had the opportunity to teach in-depth how to pull of my signature moves and how to use them in the ring. 
  • I also want to teach you all "Saenchai Style" training methods, so that you can keep getting better and achieve the next level in your training. Everyone has their own theories on the most effective training methods, but I want to show you the methods that I've used throughout my career that have won me 5 Lumpinee Stadium belts and countless world championship titles and awards.
  • In the last few years, I've met a lot of my fans all over the world. I'm grateful for all the support and encouragement from over the years, but there's no way that I can physically meet everyone. This is my way of giving back to the Muay Thai community. I want to bring you guys high-quality content and production. In order to spread the word and grow Muay Thai around the world, your support this project is essential
  • By ordering, you will help me put together a team and make my dreams of spreading Muay Thai come true. We will create bigger and better projects to spread Muay Thai because of YOU. With your support, I will keep making valuable content to allow people to understand and learn Saenchai Muay Thai. Muay Thai is my life, it has given me everything I have, and I want to share it with the world.


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Here's what I'll be teaching...

LESSON ONE - Be Unpredictable with the Roundhouse  

The Muay Thai roundhouse is one of the most powerful weapons in martial arts. But any good fighter will be able to defend against it if there are no set ups to make it unpredictable.  

The reason that I can land so many roundhouses to the leg, body, and head kicks is not just due to my speed. There are many subtle but important details to setting it up that people are not aware of. 

LESSON TWO - Unique Muay Thai Training Mindset and Methodology  

How Jockey Gym, the Muay Thai camp that heavily influenced my training during my early stadium days, produced such high level champions that could out trick so many other great champions.  

Kaoklai fought heavyweights in K-1 with great success, Somrak beat many great champions and earned an Olympic Gold medal in Boxing, Lerdsila became one of the best pound for pound best in Thailand, and Silapathai is considered by many to be the trickiest champion in the golden era. We all trained in a similar way, and it created incredible results for good reason.  


The teep is the most important strike that is misunderstood by the west. It is the jab of Muay Thai, but many in the west either do not use it or do not use it properly.  

I want to teach you how to throw a teep correctly, how to use the lead and rear teep, how to use the explosive side teeps, and why all of this is important.

LESSON FOUR - Ring Tactics against Bigger Opponents  

99% of the time, I fight opponents that are bigger and heavier than me. I've never had a weight or size advantage. If I relied on trying to be stronger, I wouldn't have achieved what I achieved. I've had to rely on other attributes and create a style that helped me achieve everything I have today.  

You will learn ring tactics, movement, agility, and high IQ striking.


My supporters helped me shape what was included in this product through hundreds of messages and comments. I wanted to teach what YOU want to learn!  

Thank you all for making this possible. Lets do this together. 


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Joe Rogan: UFC Commentator, Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt, Taekwondo Champion

"Saenchai is one of the greatest combat sport athletes ever. He fights every couple of weeks. I follow him on Instagram, he's 37 years old, he fights people way bigger than him all the time, and although he knocks a lot of people out, most of his fights, are won by him just doing shit to the opponent that they just can't deal with. He just kicks the hell of out them, he hits them when they're not looking, they don't know what he's doing, he's so clever and fast, I mean, he's just a wizard, a real technical wizard inside the ring."

"When you watch him, you realized, 'Oh, there's levels even to this thing.' He's such a high level specialist, that if anyone outside of that, if Floyd Mayweather wanted to fight Saenchai, and he let Saenchai kick him, it would be one of the most lopsided fights you've ever seen. It'd be horrific to watch. Saenchai could probably do it to McGregor too. There's just levels and levels to this. What McGregor encountered with Floyd Mayweather in boxing, he'd encounter with Saenchai."